Founded in 1992, Decko began manufacturing a single model of door at its facility in St-Nazaire, located in the Lac St-Jean region of central Quebec. Over the next decade, the company continued to enjoy steady growth, gradually increasing its production capacity as its unique brand of doors gained in popularity. To better respond to increased demand, a new assembly plant was inaugurated in 2001 at Terrebonne, to the south-west, although the Saint-Lazare facility continued to produce doorframes and other related products.

In 2005, Decko was purchased by Soniplastics - a major supplier of PVC mouldings designed for doors and windows – marking a huge development in the evolution of the company. As part of a more integrated structure, the move allowed Decko to standardize its products, and at the same time, to take advantage of all the latest innovations the market had to offer. In order to meet growing demand, the new administrative team restructured the business, most notably by terminating activities at the St-Nazaire facility to centralize production in the much larger Terrebonne facility; further expansion projects at the Terrebonne facility were carried out between 2006 and 2008. A complete review of the product line was also undertaken to modernize the overall brand, address quality-control requirements and increase output.

Today, Decko is a major player in the Ontario, Quebec and Maritime markets. With the introduction of exclusive products—such as coloured or faux-finished wood PVC doors—Decko remains on the cutting edge of late-breaking architectural trends to best satisfy ever-changing consumer tastes. Renowned customer service, attention to detail, made-to-measure products and rapid shipping continually re-affirm Decko’s excellent reputation in the eyes of customers and partners alike.